PARENT Seminars

Customized training to help parents and family members gain the tools to play an active role in their child's success in math. The goals of this seminar is to answer these questions:

  • Why has math changed?

  • What are they teaching now?

  • How do I help my child?

  • What can I do to have the biggest impact?

Attendees will leave the seminar with tools and resources to assist them with helping their children at home.


HELP a Teacher

Give the gift that can truly benefit your child's teacher in the classroom. Give them the SpiralEd Solutions Teacher Subscription so that they can access all of the resources SpiralEd Solutions has to offer and make their classes engaging, fun, informative, and successful. Our individual teacher subscription package is very affordable at $120 for the entire school year.  


HELP a School

Bring SpiralEd Solutions to your child's school. Work with your school administration or Parent-Teacher organizations to arrange for SpiralEd Solutions to come share with the families in your community, train your teachers, and provide the curriculum resources necessary to make your child's school a success!