Cafeteria trays and cereal bowls keep lessons flowing smoothly.

In the Math Lab we use cafeteria trays to prep for classes. All the materials students will need are on the tray, so switching between back to back classes, whether second grade or sixth is a breeze. Plastic cereal bowls hold smaller manipulatives or dice.

This tray features materials for a third grade modeling multiplication lesson. Students modeled groups using squares of paper for the group and cubes for the members in the groups. The lesson also featured a Wall Work activity where students found the image that matched their yellow card on the wall around the room.

Members can now access new Wall Works for 6th Grade! Look for additional Wall Works coming soon! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you! We hope you all have a great end of the first semester!

Don't miss you chance to win SpiralEd Solutions for your school for free! We look forward to helping a couple schools mix it up and get their kids moving, learning, and "Spiraling to Success" before the STAAR Test this spring!

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